Man arrested after driving through mall in East Wenatchee

Man arrested after driving through mall in East Wenatchee
Sonny Fregoso

A man was arrested Wednesday shortly after driving a car into and through a mall in East Wenatchee.

The East Wenatchee Police Department reports 31-year-old Francisco Kehoe drove a BMW through the glass doorway of Ross Dress for Less just after 6 p.m. before driving down the mall’s concourse.

“He drove the length of the mall and came back out the same door he went in,” said Officer Joe Hinkle.

Videos posted to social media show shoppers getting out of the way and whipping out their cell phones to record the strange sight.

(Warning: There is bad language in the video)

Officer Hinkle said Kehoe was pulled over on Valley Mall Parkway as he was leaving the mall parking lot.

Kehoe was arrested on suspicion of DUI, hit and run, possession of methamphetamine, possession of drug paraphernalia and reckless endangerment.

Officer Hinkle added that officers have dealt with Kehoe before.

“He’s got quite a history with law enforcement,” Hinkle said.

My sister, after she saw a car driving through the east wenatchee mall:”i thought it was a display car till i realized it wasnt stopping”

— amyee (@aimsterultra) May 9, 2019

No one was injured. Most of the damage occurred when the driver drove through the entrance, though he did hit the corner of one business inside the mall and ran into various things such as tables, chairs and signs on the concourse.

The mall secured the doors as best they could for the night. Repairs will likely begin Thursday.

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