Man arrested for throwing boy off 31-foot waterslide

Man arrested for throwing boy off 31-foot waterslide
Roman Adams

An 18-year-old man was arrested after police said he threw a young boy off a waterslide platform.

It happened Monday at the Apple Valley Aquatic Center, a water park that was bustling with families.

“It’s a very busy park, runs very successfully. It’s been open for 20 years. We’ve never had an incident anywhere near this magnitude,” Capt. Nick Francis told WCCO.

Police said Roman Adams was mad that the wait was so long, so he threw the 8-year-old boy off the platform and 31 feet to the ground.

“Everybody in the water park that saw it happen are just devastated by it. And we learned that an 18-year-old adult had picked that child up and thrown him over,” Francis said.

Police later learned Adams has cognitive disabilities, and while a caretaker was with him at the park, that person wasn’t in line with him at the slide.

WCCO reports the victim survived the fall, but suffered several broken bones.

Adams was arrested for third-degree felony assault.