Man got stuck in a garbage truck near Stevens Middle School in Pasco

The victim was sleeping in a dumpster when he was suddenly picked up and thrust into the back of a garbage truck.
Image credit: City of Pasco Government, Facebook

PASCO, Wash. — A seriously dangerous scenario ended without any harm after a man got stuck inside of a Basin Disposal garbage truck near Stevens Middle School on Friday morning.

According to Ben Shearer of the Pasco Fire Department, crews were dispatched to the area of Stevens Middle School on the 1100-block of N 22 Ave around 6:15 a.m. on December 3.

A garbage truck driver heard screaming from the back of his truck when he exited to unlock a gate to a dumpster at the Pasco school. He quickly realized that someone was trapped inside, leading him to call 9-1-1.

Thankfully, he was alerted to the victim’s presence before compressing the trash in what could’ve been a tragic incident.

Instead, an ambulance, ladder truck and PFD command staff were dispatched to the area after the driver called 9-1-1. Crews confirmed that all of the truck’s equipment was locked and turned off.

Pasco fire crews constructed a rope rig system using the ladder as a high point to gain access to the trapped individual from the top of the truck. Crews attached a safety harness on the trapped man, secured him to a metal-framed bed called a stokes basket, and pulled him out of the truck before lowering him safely to the ground.

Authorities aren’t sure where the victim was discovered, but they confirmed that he was already trapped before the truck arrived at Stevens Middle School.

Shearer says that this is the second incident of this nature during this year.


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