Man loots car, rams getaway car into patrol cars before getting arrested

RICHLAND, Wash. — Richland Police say a man was arrested after ramming his car into several police cars, and endangering the lives of passengers in his car.

Richland Police Department (RPD) was dispatched to the 1400-block of Tapteal Boulevard after reports of a vehicle prowl. A nearby Benton County Sheriff’s Office (BCSO) deputy and K9 unit was nearby, and responded to the call.

The BCSO deputy found a man inside the car, which matched the report of a stolen car from Kennewick. The suspect exited the car with a handful of items.

When the BCSO deputy attempted to make contact with the suspect, but he was uncooperative. The suspect did not listen to the BCSO deputy, and jumped into a car parked next to the one he had just looted. According to RPD, there were already three additional occupants in this car: a woman in the driver’s seat, another passenger, and a child.

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The suspect then began ordering the woman to flee the area and drive off. The woman did not comply, and got out of the car. Meanwhile, the suspect jumped into the driver’s seat, and began driving off before the woman let go of the car. Officials say the woman was stuck to the car.

According to RPD, the BCSO deputy was attempting to help the woman get free from the car at the time, and was also dragged for some distance.

The car reportedly traveled a total of 400 feet before is came to a stop in front of a department store wall. At this time, the BCSO deputy blocked the car by parking the patrol car in the front.

An RPD officer arrive on scene around this time. As the BCSO deputy exited the patrol car, the suspect rammed his car into the BCSO patrol car while the K9 partner was still inside. Immediately after, the suspect reversed and rammed his car into the RPD patrol car, while the RPD officer was still inside.

During this time, the BCSO deputy removed the front seat passenger from the car, but the suspect continued to rev the engine. According to RPD, the woman was still stuck to the side of the car during the entire incident.

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After some time, the suspect was arrested by the BCSO deputy and RPD officer. Officials believe the suspect was impaired during the time of this incident.

Officials say the woman received medical attention on scene by medics. Both the child and K9 officer were unharmed in the incident.

The driver suspect was arrested on one count of Assault in the 2nd degree against the RPD officer, one count of Assault in the 3rd degree against the BCSO deputy, one count of Assault in the 3rd degree with a domestic assault charge against the woman, one count of Driving Under the Influence, and one count of reckless endangerment since there was a small child in the car while the incident took place.

The passenger in the car was also booked into Benton County Jail on numerous arrest warrants.

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