Man paddling across the US makes stop in Tri-Cities

Man paddling across the US makes stop in Tri-Cities

A Los Angeles native who is taking a solo canoeing trip made a stop in Kennewick to learn more about Lewis and Clark’s Expedition.

Neal Moore said the purpose of the trip is to learn more about he US and its people.

He thought of the idea three years ago, when he was canoeing the Mississippi River. He met a man who taught him how to connect waterways and gave him advice on how to canoe long rivers.

Moore gave it some thought and the idea took off. He began preparing by saving every last dime and started working out religiously.

“You have to put yourself out of your comfort zone,” said Moore. “That is also part of the journey.”

He said he was itching to get on the water to start his voyage and visit his first city.

“You go along and you have your map and compass in front of you and you see ‘this is where the highway comes in’, ‘oh there is a bridge… Now, I’m here. I’m this far to the next town’.”

He photographs each city and posts on his blog. Moore said the best part of the trip is meeting new people and learning the history of the U.S.

“Story by story… when you link it all up from the Pacific Coast to the Continental Divide to the Gulf of Mexico to the Great Lakes to New York City… these 100 stories… thread by thread, piece by piece, you will have the story of America.”

He said the hardest part of it all is saying good bye to each community.

“You say your goodbyes and give hugs and now your back on the river and you just want to cry,” Moore describes. “You want to cry because you realize you might not see them again.”

Moore began his trip on March 3. He started in Astoria Oregon, where the Pacific Ocean meets the Columbia River. He plans on making it to Ellis Island in 2020.

To learn more about Moore’s trip, keep up with his travels, or to help fund him along the way click here.