Man says DoorDash delivery driver ate half his food

Man says DoorDash delivery driver ate half his food
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The convenience of ordering food to your doorstep with the tap of a finger can be tempting — but it can also come with issues.

Chris Payton of York County says he ordered food from Dickey’s Barbecue in West Manchester Township using DoorDash — a food delivery app that sends its own drivers to pick up orders from restaurants, delivering it right to your door.

After the driver dropped off his food, he says he opened up the box and discovered half of it had been eaten.

Two of the six ribs he ordered were gone and what appeared to be bite marks were left behind.

“I was just dumbfounded I was really shocked that something like that would happen,” said Chris Payton of York County.

Payton says he believes the DoorDash delivery driver is to blame.

“I guess she just pulls over to the side of the road and just decides to have herself a little snack before she delivers,” said Payton.

We spoke to the employee at Dickey’s Barbecue that handled the order and while they were not allowed to speak on camera with us — they did confirm Payton’s story and said they have had previous issues with the same DoorDash driver.

“It’s just crazy I don’t understand people why they would do something like that,” said Payton. “It’s somebody’s food you pay for that you expect to get it, you pay for a service,” he added.

Online, dozens of similar complaints from other DoorDash customers across the country can be found.

FOX43 reached out to DoorDash for comment, but we did not hear back.

Payton says even though DoorDash refunded him his money, he hopes the driver is reprimanded for their actions.

“Treat your customers with respect, treat somebody’s like you would like to be treated yourself,” said Payton.