Man shot trying to flee in police car

Man shot trying to flee in police car

A Richland man is in the hospital and facing multiple charges after being shot by police while trying to flee the scene in a patrol car.

Franklin County Sheriff’s deputies say 32-year-old Michael L. Long was arrested in Mesa near the intersection of Angeline and Caldona after fleeing a domestic situation at the Scooteney State Park.

After a foot pursuit, Long was handcuffed and placed in the patrol car. That’s when he crawled through the divider into the front seat of the patrol car and attempted to drive away.

One of the deputies was able to enter the passenger side of the moving patrol car attempting to stop the suspect. During the incident, the deputy discharged his firearm, shooting Long in the leg.

The involved deputy is identified Scott Wright who has been a member of the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office for just under a year.

The deputy did not sustain any physical injuries during the incident and is currently on administrative leave.