Man wants to return 1984 Hanford High School diploma found in trunk of used car

Man wants to return 1984 Hanford High School diploma found in trunk of used car

A Yakima man wants to return a decades-old diploma to its rightful owner after finding it in the trunk of a used car be bought outside Tri-Cities.

Dario Rodriguez said he purchased a black 1979 Chevy Caprice Classic from a private seller in Burbank nearly a year ago.

He bought the car as a fixer-upper, and the seller didn’t have a key to the trunk, so he left it parked at his niece’s place in Zillah for several months to work on it over time.

He recently drove the car back to Yakima and had a key made for the trunk.

When he finally got it open, he found an unexpected treasure: a Hanford High School diploma from the class of 1984. The name on the diploma is “Richard Owen Snyder.” Today, he would be in his mid-50s.

Rodriguez said he’s been trying to find Snyder through social media and, but so far, he’s had no luck.

He said TruePeopleSearch came up with 54-year-old man Richard Snyder in Gillette, Wyoming who appears to be a potential match based on his age. However, calls made to a phone number associated with the Snyder’s got no response.

Rodriguez said he wants to continue searching for the diploma’s rightful owner because he understands the value such an item might hold for someone.

“I didn’t graduate from high school, so I’m like, ‘This means something to someone, you know?’ So I go, if anybody found mine, I’d want them to return it to me. Know what I mean?” Rodriguez said.

If you have information that might help Rodriguez track down the diploma’s owner, you can contact him via Facebook messenger.