Man with machete threatens couple over money dispute in Richland

RICHLAND, Wash. — Richland Police Department (RDP) arrested a man with a machete on Thursday night. He has been booked into Benton County Jail.

Around 4 p.m. on November 18th, RPD was dispatch to Krispy Kreme on Duportail Street. Initial calls described a man threatening a couple with a machete.

At the scene, RPD located 40-year old Brandon W. Hertel, who had been using the machete to threaten the couple. The machete had been hidden underneath some nearby bushes.

After some questioning, RPD states the incident was isolated. Hertel and the couple knew each other previously, and the threats were made over money that was owed to Hertel.

RPD has booked Hertel into Benton County Jail for aggravated assault and harassment.