Manhunt leads to burglary arrest in Walla Walla

Manhunt leads to burglary arrest in Walla Walla

Walla Walla police arrested a man for burglary on Friday after he allegedly stole a pickup, then attempted to get away on foot.

Police say Brandin Rencken, 25, was caught him inside a home in 700 block of School Avenue around 7 a.m. About thirty minutes later, officers were called for a report of a stolen vehicle about a block away on Pleasant Street.

A manhunt led Walla Walla High School and Prospect Point Elementary to operate under “secure building procedures” as a precaution, the Walla Walla School District said.

Officers eventually found the stolen vehicle abandoned and determined that the suspect had fled on foot near South Wilbur Road and Reser Road. A K-9 unit was deployed to help officers track down the suspect.

Rencken was taken into custody just after 9:30 a.m. He’s been booked at the Walla Walla County Jail on charges of residential burglary and theft of a motor vehicle.

An investigation may result in additional charges.

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