Marijuana Store Getting into Holiday Spirit

Marijuana Store Getting into Holiday Spirit

It’s the season of giving, and local marijuana shops like Station 420 are getting into the holiday spirit.

They may see ordinary baskets filling the shelves, but they’re filled with marijuana products.

“I think it’s a wonderful idea, I think that this is every dream for 420 people,” said Daniel Scott.

Inside one of these baskets, you’ll find pipes, wrapping paper, lighters and a choice of marijuana.

Store owner Adam Markus says it’s a fun way to promote holiday sales in this particular community — and although it may seem a little unorthodox, Markus says it really is no different than other adult products.

“This is just a part of having fun,” said Markus, “It’s probably no different than giving someone a Budweiser mug for Christmas.”

So far, the shop has sold about a dozen of the baskets since they started putting them together a couple days ago.

For recreational users like Daniel Scott, it’s something he would like to see underneath his Christmas tree.

“I think that they’re just getting with what’s already happening,” said Scott, “I know I’d be excited.”