Marijuana Testing Lab Opens in Yakima

Marijuana Testing Lab Opens in Yakima

In a matter of weeks, businesses around our area will have the opportunity to grow, process, and sell their own marijuana — but not before their products go through some serious testing.

Analytical 360 Laboratories recently opened its doors in Yakima — the business, based out of Seattle, will be handling every type of marijuana product made in the area.

Scientists will perform dozens of tests for things such as potency, diseases and other things the FDA would do.

They will also be inspecting each sample of marijuana for foreign substances, using high powered cameras and other instruments similar to what hops processors use.

Ultimately the organization hopes to provide people with the safest products on the market, in cooperation with local growers and retailers.

“Anybody that is amino compromised, or people that are inexperienced in using these products really need to know what they are getting,” said Dr, Lara Taubner, “[They need] To be smart, be responsible about how they use these products, and just to be safe.”

Since the lab does not qualify as a marijuana grower, retailer, or processor, it is allowed in Yakima despite the current ban in place.

In addition to providing the best possible products for people, the organization will also open up 10 to 12 jobs for scientists.