Seahawks legend Marshawn Lynch, Dr. Anthony Fauci discuss COVID-19 vaccines

Marshawn Lynch
Image credit: Marshawn Lynch Beast Mode Productions, YouTube

SEATTLE, Wash. — A pairing you’d never expect came together on Friday to have an open dialogue about COVID-19 vaccines. Former Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch spoke with one of the nation’s top infectious disease experts, Dr. Anthony Fauci; or as Lynch refers to him, “Fau-cheesi.”

Any Seahawks fan should know by now that Marshawn Lynch is unapologetically himself: A hard-working, Black man from Oakland, CA who isn’t afraid to speak his mind. During this conversation, which was posted to Lynch’s YouTube page, the two public figures discuss concerns surrounding the COVID-19 vaccines.

More specifically, the duo spoke about the role of race in many people’s resistance to being vaccinated.

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“Any time we’ve been told that we was going to be in position to have something gave to us, or put in our community to help up, it seemed to turn out very bad for us,” Lynch expressed.

“I do, and certainly many of my colleagues, totally respect the reluctance that African Americans have about things like this,” Dr. Fauci responded. “The reluctance that you’ve expressed is a reluctance that’s founded in historical reality.

“The reason why we’ve got to get past that is because we don’t want African Americans in the community to not have the advantage of the protection of something that really works because of history.”

Dr. Fauci went on to explain that vaccines were created so quickly due to decades of research leading up to this point that allowed doctors to develop COVID-19 vaccines.

He says that people who were Black, White and Hispanic/Latinx had the same results during clinical trials. Fauci went on to explain that many Black people are considered to be at higher risk to COVID-19 due to higher rates of diabetes, lung disease, hypertension, kidney disease and obesity, which are all examples of major risk factors.

“I understand the coronavirus is knocking my people down. I understand that being vaccinated helps the world get back to what we knew before, but we still haven’t tackled the problem which makes [African Americans] more susceptible to dying off if we do get [COVID-19],” Lynch explained to Dr. Fauci.

You can watch the full conversation on the Seahawks legends’ YouTube channel: Marshawn Lynch Beast Mode Productions.


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