Masked men robbed Wapato grocery store at gunpoint, deputies say

Wapato Robbery Grocery Store

WAPATO, Wash. —  Yakima County sheriff’s deputies are asking for the public’s help in identifying two men suspected of robbing a Wapato grocery store Tuesday night.

Deputies responded about 7 p.m. to reports of an armed robbery at Allen’s Market, 160 S. Wapato Rd. in Wapato.

Two men wearing face masks reportedly walked into the store and demanded the owner give them money.

Deputies said one suspect was armed with a shotgun and the other suspect is believed to have been armed, but did not display a weapon.

The suspects reportedly took some cash and cigarettes, then left the scene. Deputies attempted to track the men with a K9 unit, but were unsuccessful.

Anyone with information can contact the sheriff’s office at 509-574-2500.