Master’s Ranch had “25-year run of no complaints like this”

Master's Ranch employee charged with multiple felonies

PRESCOTT, Wash. — The owner of a Prescott boarding school, Pastor David Bosley, said that they have had a 25-year run of no complaints like this and that this is all a misunderstanding.

“No employee of Master’s Ranch has in any way harmed a client held here,” said Bosley.

On Wednesday, the Walla Walla Sheriff’s Office sent a press release regarding the incidents that had reportedly happened at the ranch.

In the press release, it states that deputies responded to the ranch seven times in the last 13 days for various calls.

Bosley told KAPP-KVEW that the calls to law enforcement were initiated by either him or his staff. The original call had to do with five boys that ran away and stole a vehicle on May 7.

At the time, Bosley asked that the boys be incarcerated for the theft. During their time in jail, Bosley says that the boys “complained” about being “inappropriately restrained without cause.”

The Sheriff’s Office press release states that they went to the ranch to investigate abuse by a staff member against an 11-year-old. The next day they returned to arrest the former employee on charges of third degree child molestation and communicating with a minor for immoral purposes.

Bosley said that he had called to have a 20-year-old former student and employee, arrested for “an inappropriate and unwanted contact with a minor.” He also said that the minor was a child of an employee, not a client of the ranch.

“No one has even alleged that any student has been molested or harmed at the Master’s Ranch,” said Bosley.

On Monday, Bosley claimed that CPS had taken eight boys off of the property “against their will, and against their parents’ will.”

Bosley said he called law enforcement once again on Tuesday. This time, “to come back with CPS to re-arrest at least 10 boys that were fomenting a riot on our property.”

The press release from the Sheriff’s Office states that “there were reports of 30 angry juveniles armed with shovels and brooms outside the main house at the ranch, building towards a riot.”

“When CPS arrived, they heard these very boys, that we asked to have arrested, complain of child abuse due to ‘unnecessary restraints and shooting of paintball at them’,” said Bosley.

“It is not without note that every one of those parents of those five boys incarcerated has begged us to keep their boys and to not expel them,” said Bosley.

Bosley also stated that CPS called the parents of the boys and told them that the staff was “abandoning” their kids. He said that he could have “40 different sets of parents” saying they got a call about their kids being abandoned on the property. He said that they would “never” abandon the boys on the ranch.

The Walla Walla Sheriff’s Office is continuing to investigate the situation.