Meet the Kennewick Olive Garden server with the angelic voice

Every year, we celebrate the day we came into this world. Some people have a night out – maybe go to a restaurant.

While many expect the typical “Happy Birthday” rendition, a server at the Kennewick Olive Garden does it a little differently. He belts it out with his angelic voice, and has now gone viral.

“Just through the years I’ve practiced and practiced and it became a love of mine,” said Alphonso Nichols, an Olive Garden server.

A video posted on a Facebook page called Bitchy Waiter and sent by local mother Amy Haddox, has been viewed nearly 100,000 times. Nichols didn’t expect a response like this.

“I’ve been singing happy birthdays here for a while and I know people record here and there,” he said. “One of the servers walked up to me and said ‘hey, your video has about 50,000 views on it,’ and I was like what?”

Nichols discovered his gift when he was a young boy.

“I started singing at about five-years-old just with my family, with my father through church,” he said.

Nichols starred in a competition in Yakima when he was 12-years-old and won. He also won another competition at 16-years-old. Since then, the now 31-year-old has quite a record of performances.

“I’ve opened up for Usher. I’ve opened up for Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, Ginuwine,” he explained.

He also did a few shows with Ja Rule and Ashanti. Nichols moved back to the Tri-Cities about a year ago from Los Angeles. Now, he brings smiles to people at Olive Garden. He said he started singing at Oliver Garden after seeing groups coming up and singing your typical version of the song. Nichols wanted to try something different.

“I like seeing the reactions of everyone and seeing the joy that it brings them,” Nichols said. “You never know what impact you have for that person that day.”

Several videos of his singing have been posted on social media, making his talent a hot commodity when people sit down at the restaurant.

“People have been coming in for their birthdays and requesting me to sing to them which has been nice and fun,” he said. “Just any way that I can share my gift I would love to do that.”

He said he gets a little nervous at times, but pushes through it. After he’s done singing, Nichols said he usually gets a round of applause.

“You never know when your moment will come,” Nichols said with a smile. “I mean, I don’t even know when my moment will come. I mean, I’m still embracing this attention that I’m getting now.”

Nichols is currently working on a Christian album and said he tries to record a song every week or two.

He plans to release it sometime next year.