Meet the officers behind the humorous Pasco Police Facebook page

PASCO, Wash. — Social media is where you go to get your news quickly, keep up with family and friends and more. It’s also a place for a laugh.

One place to get a chuckle is the Pasco Police Department’s Facebook page. We sat down with some of the officers behind the page about their unconventional way of keeping the public informed.

We talked to Sgt. Dave Allen, Officer Kevin Franz, and Detective Julie Lee. They’re three of the 16 officers who have access to the Facebook page. Allen is the head of it all.

“I do a lot of the straight news, daily crime summary,” Allen said. “I’m not sure what we’re doing right, but we like it. We just keep it rolling.”

They have more than 60,000 likes and hundreds of Facebook posts, telling some stories that’ll have you in tears.

“Anyone that knows police officers — here’s the stories we tell and now we just kind of tell it in a different light to make it more amusing,” Franz said.

Their posts have a wide variety of humor. Many with headlines such as “T’was the night of resisting,” “Bongs Away,” and “A series of unfortunate events.” They have a favorite.

“Give the criminal element in Pasco one word of advice and it would be stop making it worse,” Allen said.

For the department, it’s not just about the posts. The hashtags are just as important.

“They seem to work well for everything,” Franz said. “#catch a felon. That was a good one. It mainly comes from movies, TV, things that we see out in public every day.”

They said some people at calls ask them to not be featured on their Facebook. Others don’t have the same opinion.

“There’s cases where I’ve gone and seen people at the jail the next day and they’re like, ‘hey, I hear I’m famous on Facebook.’ I’m like, yeah you are,” Franz said. “I don’t know if that’s something to be happy about, but good for you.”

Some people have even approached officers and asked to take a photo of them for Facebook. They said some posts take almost two hours in order to get the creativity flowing.

So, why run a police Facebook page with puns, bad poetry – what Allen calls some of his writing — and humor?

“It’s not about blasting a certain somebody,” Lee said.  “It’s about public awareness.”

They said that they’ll keep doing the funny posts, but possibly add more officers to the list who can access the page.

“It’s always different voices, but it always represents the agency,” Allen said.

And a message for the bad guys:

“If you commit a crime in the city of Pasco and you’re ending up on some sort of surveillance video, there’s a high probability that you might end up on our Facebook page.