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May is Mental Health Awareness Month.  On of the leading causes of mental issues is stress.  Here are some ideas to help us all deal with stress.

How to Cope with and Defeat Stress 

  • Take care of your body
    • Take deep breaths
    • Get up and stretch
    • Do mindfulness exercises such as goal setting and meditation
    • Take time to unwind by doing activities you enjoy
    • Eat healthy, well-balance meals
    • Journal-Write down feelings, thoughts or idea
    • Be physically active-Exercise
    • Connect with others
    • Connect with your community or faith-based group
    • Get plenty of sleep
    • Find hobbies if you don’t already have some
    • Choose not to drink alcohol or drink in moderation
    • Avoid misusing prescription opioids and avoid using illicit opioids. Also avoid mixing these with one another, or with any other drugs.
    • Avoid smoking and the use of tobacco products, including e-cigarettes.
    • Continue with routine preventive measures including vaccination, cancer screenings and other tests recommended by a healthcare provider
    • Ask for help-You can’t always do it alone

Taking care of yourself can better equip you to take care of others. During times of stress, it is especially important to stay connected with your friends and family. Helping others cope with stress through visits, phone calls or video chats can help you and your loved ones feel less stressed.