Mesa homicide victim ID’d; suspect caught in OR with two kidnapped children

NEW DETAILS on Aug. 8 at 5:30 p.m. PST: The victim of this homicide has formally been identified as 54-year-old Kathleen Chervenell-Brinson of Mesa. Her autopsy was conducted on Monday morning at the Spokane Medical Examiner’s Office. At a later date, the official cause of death will be announced by the Franklin County Coroner.

Do you have information that may contribute to this investigation? Call Franklin County Detective Rogers at 509-405-5131 or Detective Sgt.Conner at 509-792-2448.

UPDATE AT 7:00 P.M. ON AUGUST 5, 2022.

Officials from the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office confirmed Morrow County Sheriff’s deputies arrest Chiloe Chervenell when she was located with her two biological children in Oregon. Commander Monty Huber said Chervenell has no parental rights over the two; a seven- and nine-year-old.

Chervenell is in custody at the Umatilla County Jail and the children were transferred to the Oregon Department of Human Services until family is contacted and they are picked up.

Cmdr. Huber spoke of the strange tip which resulted in finding the children missing. He said, “A prior resident from that location had communicated with this third party that they had killed somebody at that location. So the deputies responded to the location. They contacted three individuals at the residence, they ended up not being involved in what we were looking at currently, but they discovered that two children were missing from the residence.”

The name of the victim, her relation to Chervenell or the two children have not been released.

MESA, Wash. — Two children were rescued by Morrow County deputies who stopped a vehicle associated with a homicide investigation from hours prior when a body was recovered in Mesa.

According to the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office, the authorities received a third-party tip regarding a missing woman who was potentially dead in the area of First Ave in Mesa on the evening of Aug. 4, 2022. Patrol deputies were sent to the area to search for the woman and found her body near a home in the area.

Shortly after, deputies learned that two children under the age of 12 were missing from the residence. With reason to believe the children were in danger, deputies called for help from Franklin County detectives.

Later that evening around 11:30 p.m., deputies in Morrow County stopped a vehicle linked to the incident near Irrigon—a city along the Columbia River east of Umatilla County. They made contact with a female suspect and the two missing children who appeared to be unharmed.

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The woman was brought into custody and is scheduled to make a preliminary court appearance in Oregon, but will likely be transferred back to Franklin County at some point. Authorities weren’t able to locate any family members, so the children were turned over to the custody of the Oregon Department of Human Services.

Part of the investigation will be handled by the Washington State Patrol in Mesa while the Oregon State Police help in Irrigon. No further details regarding the identity of the victim or suspect have been released at this stage of the process.

Do you have information related to this incident? Call Detective Rogers at 509-405-5131 or Detective Sgt. Conner at 509-792-2448 to help out.

This is a breaking news story. An update and/or follow-up will be issued once further details are revealed.


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