Michael Jordan donates ‘The Last Dance’ proceeds to Feeding America

The former Chicago Bulls superstar is paying his success forward to those impacted by COVID-19.
Michael Jordan
Chicago Bulls superstar Michael Jordan is pictured after winning the 1998 NBA Championship.

As the pandemic settled in, sports fans throughout the world found themselves re-invigorated by Michael Jordan and ‘The Last Dance.’ A collaboration between the NBA, ESPN and Netflix, the 10-part documentary series followed the 1998 Chicago Bulls in their final championship run as a dynasty. Jordan, the superstar himself, was highly incentivized to star in the series and decided to pay a portion of his cut forward.

Feeding America, a non-profit organization that fights hunger throughout the country, announced via social media that Michael Jordan donated $2 million to their cause.

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In light of the coronavirus pandemic, Feeding America is doing its part to help the hundreds of thousands of people in need. Jordan cited COVID-19 as one of the factors in his decision to donate his proceeds.

When ‘The Last Dance’ premiered, sports fans stuck in their homes used it as an escape. The support drew attention back to Jordan, Scottie Pippen and the Bulls at the end of the Golden State Warriors’ reign over the NBA. Jordan’s popularity amongst a new generation of basketball fans jumped through the roof. Now, Jordan is paying his recent success forward.

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