Mid-Columbia Libraries provide students access to eBooks

This is one way for the Mid-Columbia Libraries to continue impacting the community positively.
Mid-Columbia Libraries
Mid-Columbia Libraries 

KENNEWICK, Wash. — The Mid-Columbia Libraries are finding innovative ways to help local school children gain access to eBooks and learning materials. It was announced today that the local library system would use an app to provide reading materials for children throughout the Tri-Cities.

A student reading app called Sora is being implemented throughout the Tri-Cities area. School children from, Pasco, Kennewick, Finley, Othello and West Richland can immerse themselves in the books they’d otherwise have to check out from public libraries.

Library cards won’t be necessary — Any student logging in from a school-authenticated device gains entry to a wide range of books and audiobooks on the platform. Schools will authorize a digital library from which children can fulfill assigned reading duties and study. Beyond that, thousands of age-appropriate titles are available to rent digitally from Mid-Columbia Libraries’ extensive catalog.

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Furthermore, the Mid-Columbia Libraries are working with teachers to ensure they have the right titles available. Readers can suggest specific titles by following this link.

Mid-Columbia Libraries (MCL) Executive Director and Chief Librarian Kyle Cox is proud to lend a hand to students and educators in these trying times.

“We’re thrilled to partner with local schools to support digital access for students, educators, and families, especially during these times of remote learning,” Cox said. “We know technology has become increasingly valuable in supporting new generations of lifelong learners and readers.”

Distance learning can be a hassle for students, teachers and parents. This initiative does a wonderful job of making it just a bit easier to educate the Tri-Cities’ children amid the pandemic.

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