Middleton Farms offering curbside pickup, online ordering for asparagus

PASCO, Wash. – Asparagus season is here! The Middleton Six Sons Farm outside Pasco is ready to sell their farm-fresh vegetable for the next 70 to 80 days.

Things are a little different this year. Because of COVID-19 concerns, the family is taking extra measures to make sure everyone is safe during this time – both their customers and employees.

“Lets do curbside pick-up, especially for those who are in a more high-risk age or circumstance could be able to get curbside pickup and still enjoy asparagus because we need some comfort foods, right,” said Mark Middleton, one of the farm owners. “And asparagus is one of those foods people really like, especially in this region.”

Customers can also order the vitamin-packed vegetable online, along with other Middleton food staples they’ll be selling this asparagus season. You can pay for it online and pick it up at their stand.

The family has also set up hand washing stations at every station where employees clock in. All the employees are also wearing gloves when handling the vegetable.

“We also put hand sanitizer and more Clorox wipes – and obviously taking as much safety measures as we can to keep our field workers safe,” said Scott Middleton, another owner of the farm.

One thing the family is also doing is “physical distancing,” which is different from social distancing.

“Well, I don’t really like the term “social distancing” because I think we are made as human beings to be social, to interact with one another,” Mark Middleton said. “So can we still interact with one another, still be friends, still be close, still be a community, but physically distant.”

They have set up cones six feet apart at their stand and have hung up signs promoting the physical distancing.

The pandemic is also hitting this Pasco farm. They serve a lot of the restaurants in the Tri-Cities. The Middleton brothers said they’re having to adjust along with the restaurants due to closures. They also provide to local grocery stores as well.

Right now, the family is waiting to see what they’re going to do about their annual asparagus festival.

“Our event is in the beginning of May, so we’re going to adjust as necessary,” Mark said.

He added that if things go best case scenario, they’ll move forward with the festival. If not, they’ll either postpone or cancel it. They said they are not going to decide yet because they have not been mandated to cancel events that far in advance.

“The biggest thing is that we’re all family, but we’re all going to take care of each other in some way or another, and so we’re looking at different ways to reach out to the community and just be there for them,” Scott Middleton said. “And also, we just want to thank the community for coming out and purchasing for us because they’re there for us as well.”

For the green asparagus, it’s $1.75 per pound for the green and $2.00 for purple, which will most likely be available by next week.