Middleton Farms offers u-pick strawberries

The perfect summer break activity!

PASCO, Wash. — You may know them for asparagus, or even their pumpkin patch. This summer, Middleton Farms adds u-pick strawberries to their fields.

KAPP-KVEW spoke to Middle Farms co-owner Scott Middleton about the new summer activity. “This is our first year doing u-pick strawberries,” Middleton said, “We’re super excited to get the community to come out again and see what we have to offer.”

A big focus for the farms is to show the community that produce is grown right here in our backyards. “It’s a good opportunity to have people look and see where their produce is coming from,” Middleton said.

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This year, Middleton is offering three different varieties across five acres of fields. “We just started the variety this week and so it’ll prolong us until the end of June, weather depending,” Middleton said.

They also plan on offering more products on Saturdays. “We’ll be selling cherries,” Middleton said, “And different local produce that we’ll be getting around from the area. And we’ll be offering kettle corn, our lemonade, our donuts. All the good stuff for Saturdays.”

To pick strawberries, you just need to wear some good walking shoes. Middleton Farms provides boxes to carry the strawberries in. Pricing is per pound. $5 for 1 pound, $4.50 per pound for 2-4 pounds, and $4 per pound for 5 or more pounds.

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The strawberries are available for picking Monday through Saturday, from 9AM to 1PM. However, the suggest getting there early. “It is a little bit limited, so we encourage you to get out here earlier because it’s a day to day thing,” Middleton said, “Each day can be a little bit different depending on the weather.

Middleton Farms is located at 1050 Pasco-Kahlotus Road, in Pasco.

You can see updates about the u-pick strawberries on Middleton Farm’s Facebook page by clicking here.