Milton-Freewater group searches for paranormal activity

MILTON-FREEWATER, Ore. – There’s a new group of people in search of paranormal activity in Oregon.

“For me it’s seeing things and hearing things that normally you wouldn’t think should be there,” said Sandy Fujan, co-founder of Northeast Oregon Paranormal.

Sandy and Roger Fujan use their spare time trying to help people make contact with the ‘bumps in the night.’

“We come in and we bring our equipment and we try to find answers for them. We don’t guarantee anything, but we do our best to capture something for them,” said Fujan.

In many cases, the crew waits several hours at night listening for any unusual sounds with audio recorders and cameras, hoping to catch a glimpse.

More often then not though, what they hear can be explained.

“You have to be very discerning when your listening to noises and stuff… to try and debunk.”

But, they say, sometimes contact is made.

“We’ve had people actually break down and cry when they’ve heard the voice because they’ll say that sounds like my mother,” Fujan said.

So next time you think a place is haunted… you might want to give them a call or reach out to them on Facebook, here.