Miss Tri-Cities Teen asking for donations to benefit Pasco students

PASCO, Wash. — Miss Tri-Cities Outstanding Teen, Kaiya Bates, is already trying to make a difference for students in the Pasco School District.

Bates is putting together CALM-ing kits “for every classroom. In these kits will be a two-minute timer, fidget toolboxes, storage crates, and breathing spheres,” a news release said.

“I’m sharing my story and using my knowledge to inspire and help others through their mental health journey and to spread positive and factual awareness,” Bates said. “When I feel stressed, one of my favorite coping skills is to use fidget tools. They help me take a few minutes to breathe and think about my experience in a positive way.”

Bates added that it’s important to help local kids and teens overcome anxiety and depression, something she’s “dealt with on a personal level.”

A GoFundMe for the kits has raised nearly $800 dollars out of the $20,000 dollar goal.

To donate, click here.