Missing woman and her two dogs were stranded in remote stretch of Kennewick for days

KENNEWICK, Wash. — Three days after her car broke down in an isolated stretch of Benton County, a woman and her two pet dogs were saved once a mountain bicyclist heard her cries for help.

According to the Kennewick Police Department, officers responded to a welfare check off US-395 & Ridgeline Dr, which is south of the city. A man named William was riding in the area when he happened upon a broken down car with a woman who was shouting to grab his attention.

When they arrived, police officers learned that a woman named Holly from out of town had been stranded after taking a wrong turn. She told officers that she accidentally took a construction exit for the new extension to Ridgeline Dr.

While driving on Saturday night, Holly’s car ran out of gas and coasted into the dirt road to an area located east of the construction site. Her battery died and she was forced to ration only a few crackers between her and her dogs for several nights. Holly told police that her phone was dead and that she has a disability that prevented her from seeking help on foot.

Holly and her dogs, Pepper and Nova Lee, had barely eaten and were severely dehydrated. Officer Castilleja, who responded to the report, tapped into the Kennewick Police Department’s Community Care Fund to give her a meal, water, and a bag of dog food.

Construction workers called a mechanic to assist with the vehicle. They jumpstarted her car, which immediately bounced back from the incident. Her car was filled up with gas and she was on her way with the pair of grateful pups.


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