Mississippi River flooding threatens Anheuser Estate

Mississippi River flooding threatens Anheuser Estate
Courtesy of Jeremy Boyer
The grounds of the historic Anheuser Estate were covered in water Wednesday.

Floodwaters from the nearby Mississippi River have enveloped the Anheuser Estate, south of St. Louis.

The famed house was owned by Fred Anheuser, one of the great-grandchildren of beer businessman Eberhard Anheuser. Eberhard owned E. Anheuser & Co. and later partnered with son-in-law Adolphus Busch.

Fred Anheuser’s widow donated the house and 23 acres to the Missouri city of Kimmswick.

Photos taken by Twitter user Jeremy Boyer on Wednesday show the water around the main house up to the elevated door landings.

Another image reveals water almost as high as the rails on the equestrian training ring.

About 1,000 feet up the road from the estate driveway, the swollen Rock Creek has almost overcome a railroad bridge.

According to the CNN affiliate newspaper the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the Mississippi River near the St. Louis area is expected to crest near record levels (about 46 feet) on Thursday.

CNN’s Lauren Johnson contributed to this report.