Mixed public response to Walla Walla officer’s tattoo

Walla Walla
Photo Credit: Walla Walla Police Department

WALLA WALLA, Wash. — The Walla Walla Police Department issued a statement on Friday night in regards to an officer’s tattoo that carries a special meaning to him, but to some others a racially driven message.

The tattoo which features two lightening bolts that make the shape “SS,” can be recognized from Nazi Germany, but that is not the intention of Officer Nat Small’s tattoo, said the department post on Facebook.

“Officer Small served his country for four years in the U.S. Marine Corps and wears the scout snipers tattoo as a tribute to his fallen friend, Cpl. Claudio Patino, a fellow Marine scout sniper,” said a post from the Walla Walla Police Department Facebook page.

“At the City of Walla Walla and the Walla Walla Police Department, we do not tolerate or condone racism or anti-Semitism of any kind,” said the Facebook post.