More Than 100 Oregon Cities Pass Marijuana Moratoriums

No pot-shop freeze-out? Bill would ban moratoriums in Washington state

SALEM, Ore. (AP) — Medical marijuana cardholders in some parts of Oregon will have to look harder than they had expected for dispensaries where they can obtain the drug.
A total of 13 Oregon counties and more than 100 cities have passed moratoriums banning the pot shops since a law allowing the dispensaries took effect on March 1.
The Legislature approved a measure in early March giving cities and counties until May 1 to adopt one-year moratoriums to keep the pot shops from opening within their borders.
Some dispensaries operating in those areas may be forced to shut down, and others are hoping to find alternatives.
Clackamas County commissioners are voting on a moratorium later this week. Dispensary owners there are worried their business dreams will go up in smoke.