More than 15 cars vandalized in one night in Cheney

More than 15 cars vandalized in one night in Cheney
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Shattered windows, smashed in tail lights and racist slurs. That’s what people in Cheney woke up to this week.

More than 15 cars were vandalized in one night. Thousands of dollars out of those people’s pockets.

Now, Cheney Police are asking for the community’s help to find who did it.

Police told 4 News Now they are looking for a van and possibly two people responsible for this.

According to Cheney Police, there were three main neighborhoods hit by the vandals early Tuesday morning. Sections of Cherry Tree Lane, Nolan Brown Place, and 4th Street in Cheney.

“One morning, came outside, and everything was smashed. The taillight and the mirror was smashed. Didn’t hear it in the middle of the night. Don’t know who did it,” said Austin Breen, whose roommate’s car was damaged.

Breen’s wasn’t hit, though it was parked close to it.

“Yup, it was fine. I don’t know why my car didn’t get hit. But just luck, I guess,” Breen said.

His neighborhood on 4th Street was one of the three hit by vandals.

“This whole block, this whole side of the street actually. Every house on this street got hit,” Breen said.

A section of cherry tree lane was also hit. Driving by Wednesday afternoon, there were several side view mirrors cracked off.

The street next to it, Nolan Brown Place, also woke up to broken glass and busted car lights.

One woman believes she caught the people who did it on her home surveillance camera. She shared the footage with 4 News Now.

It was captured just after 3 a.m. Tuesday. You can see a car driving past her house, stopping by her neighbor’s truck across the street and then driving off.

There was one more case of vandalism, this one on first street. A young woman said her car was spray-painted with racist graffiti, possibly because two black women live in the same complex.

Her back window was smashed in, but police are trying to figure out if it’s connected to the other crimes.

“None of the other vehicles got spray painted, none of the other vehicles have racial put on them. That’s the only one, so I think that is unique,” said Capt. Richard Beghtol, Cheney Police.

Victims say it’s not something that happens often, but it’s still upsetting.

“It’s a little weird. I thought everything around here was pretty safe, like a good community. And then, stuff like this happens. But, it happens everywhere. It’s not a bad community or anything like that.
Just, bad people, I guess,” Breen said.

Cheney Police are asking for your help. If you live in or around the areas that were hit, they’re asking you to look at any Ring doorbell video or home surveillance footage from Tuesday at about 2-3 a.m.

Even if your car was safe, you might’ve gotten video of the people who did it in your neighborhood.