More than 30 dogs, cats from Hawaii land in Walla Walla

WALLA WALLA, Wash. — 13 dogs and 21 cats have landed at the Blue Mountain Humane Society in Walla Walla after a flight over the Pacific Ocean.

The Blue Mountain Humane Society announced the arrival on Facebook on Thursday, documenting the event on Facebook Live. In a post, they said the animals are receiving much needed exercise, rest and love.

Nearly 600 cats and dogs from multiple shelters across Hawaii were flown to Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana. According to Wings of Rescue and Greater Good Charities,
the organizations conducting the operation, pet shelters in Hawaii are heavily overcrowded due to the pandemic.

The “Paws Across the Pacific” flight is being called the largest pet rescue flight in history.



34 dogs, cats from Hawaii arrive in Walla Walla
Courtesy: Blue Mountain Humane Society