More than half a dozen DUIs on Tri-City highways over the weekend

More than half a dozen DUIs on Tri-City highways over the weekend

Troopers were busy over the weekend, arresting drivers for driving under the influence.

Washington State Patrol booked seven people for DUI in 72 hours. One of the contributing factors could be high school graduation parties.

“This past weekend we had a lot of high school graduation parties in Tri-Cities,” said Trooper Chris Thorson. “We don’t know if they directly correlate to more DUIs arrested, but usually when people get together and they’re barbecuing and having family functions, typically there’s alcohol involved.”

One person was also arrested in Kennewick for DUI. Another for boating under the influence. Thorson said with the summer months ahead and warmer weather, more people are going to be out.

“You need to keep hydrated,” Thorson said. “If you’re out on the water boating or you’re RVing or camping — if you’re going to drink alcohol all day long without water or food, the high heat is going to affect your sobriety.”

Troopers want to remind everyone to plan a ride home if you’re going to be drinking or smoking marijuana.

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