Morrow County K9 chases down back-to-back suspects attempting to elude police

Morrow County K9 chases down back-to-back suspects attempting to elude police
Image credit: Morrow County Sheriff's Office, Facebook

HEPPNER, Ore. — Two days in a row, K9 Telly of the Morrow County Sheriff’s Office was deployed to chase down suspects who attempted to flee from the police after committing crimes.

The first incident occurred on April 26, when a male suspect was accused of attempting to elude a police officer. Since identified as Darwin David Smith, the suspect tried to flee both in a vehicle and on foot. However, K9 Telly was able to catch up to the man as he attempted to flee the scene.

When the K9 was deployed, it ran at the suspect and grabbed his pant leg, allowing Morrow County deputies to catch up. He was then formally brought into custody by Morrow County law enforcement.

The following day, the K9 was deployed to the Port of Morrow Laydown Yard for reports of a possible theft in progress. The trusty police dog used its strong sense of smell to catch of whiff of the suspect.

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Morrow County law enforcement says that Telly followed the trail to a field when suddenly, the suspect jumped up and began to run away. Deputies told the male suspect that the dog would be deployed to catch him, but he did not stop running.

That’s when the K9 was released to chase down and apprehend the suspect, who was identified as Robert David Clark. He was arrested on an investigative hold for two charges—Unlawful Entry into a Motor Vehicle and Criminal Trespass in the First Degree—in addition to an outstanding warrant from Umatilla County.

Morrow County District Attorney Justin Nelson offered the following comments on the impact of having a K9 unit:

“The Morrow County District Attorney Office has always been a strong supporter of the Morrow County Sheriff Office K-9 program. While the decriminalization of drugs in Oregon has made it difficult to utilize K-9’s for drug interdiction, K-9 handler Deputy Colleen Neubert has helped train K-9 Deputy Telly to help law enforcement locate suspects alleged to have committed criminal offenses, and apprehend fleeing suspects who have refused lawful commends to stop. In two consecutive days this week K-9 Deputy Telly has apprehended suspects of criminal activity in Morrow County. Without the help of K-9 Deputy Telly and Deputy Neubert I do not believe these subjects would have been arrested or these cases resolved. I want to thank K-9 Deputy Telly and Deputy Colleen Neubert for helping keep our community safe.”


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