Morrow County voters show interest in seceding from Oregon into ‘Greater Idaho’

Greater Idaho, Morrow County

BOARDMAN, Ore. — Residents of Morrow County became the next voters to pass a measure requiring their county commissioners to meet three times per year to consider moving the state border. This reflects one small step in a widescale agenda from Eastern Oregon residents who want to secede from the west side and form ‘Greater Idaho.’

As of the most recent updates, Morrow County Measure 25-88 is on track to be certified by a 20% margin. This measure isn’t a commitment to join the movement but requires the Morrow County Commissioners to discuss the concept three times per year.

Oregon Ballot Measure 25-88 (Requires Morrow Co. Commissioners to Discuss Shifting Border)

  • Yes   60.3%
  • No   39.7%
Last updated:

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Under the measure, anyone who interferes with these prescribed meetings by the county commissioners will face a penalty of $125. It’s considered a Class D violation and can be enforced by any ‘peace officer’ with jurisdiction in the area.

Conservatives in Eastern Oregon and Idaho came up with the concept years ago with the goal of grouping like-minded people together by redrawing state boundaries.

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The extent of the movement has changed over the years with parts of Northern California and Northwestern Oregon brought under consideration, though the current focus remains on the east side of Oregon.

11 counties in Oregon have passed similar measures to the one in Morrow County. In order for anything of the sort to proceed, however, legislatures in Oregon and Idaho, as well as the U.S. Congress, would have to approve the decision.


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