Moses Lake drug trafficking suspect, wanted man arrested following community complaints

Moses Lake
Image credit: Moses Lake Police Department, Facebook

MOSES LAKE, Wash. — Noisy or unruly residents often draw the ire of their neighbors, but some complaints are more serious than others. Community members in Moses Lake helped to expose a drug trafficking operation run out of a residential basement by reporting criminal activity and short-term traffic.

According to a social media alert from the Moses Lake Police Department, detectives arrested a 58-year-old man named Eric Deane at his residence on the 200-block of Northshore Dr after they allegedly learned he was running a drug trafficking operation.

Over the last two weeks, there was an influx of complaints about short-term traffic on the residential road. While looking into the complaints, they developed probable cause and obtained several warrants—one to arrest Deane and another to search the home.

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Police say they recovered a small amount of methamphetamine and further evidence of the trafficking operation at the home. In turn, Grant County authorities served the homeowner a notice of their intent to seize the house if they continue to allow it to be used as a hub for criminal activity.

Detectives also learned that 56-year-old Brian Godfrey was living at the residence. Moses Lake police say that Godfrey is wanted by the Department of Corrections for escaping community custody based on a prior robbery charge. He was located and booked for his outstanding warrants during the search.

Deane was booked into the Grant County Jail on charges related to the possession of methamphetamine with the intent to deliver.


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