Moses Lake man attempts to steal car with children inside, driver and police fight back


MOSES LAKE, Wash. — A scary situation for a Moses Lake woman and two children unfolded on Tuesday.

Police said around 12 PM, officers attempted to arrest who they’re calling a ‘violent’ felon, Salvador Harguideguy. He’s was wanted on four outstanding felony warrants and was spotted near Ivy Street in Moses Lake.

Harguideguy took off on foot from police as they got close. They said he made his way to Western Avenue, where he found a woman who had just put two kids into her car and was preparing to drive off. The suspect then forced his way into the car, with the kids still inside; police said the owner was trying to fight him off as officers arrived a few seconds later.

MLPD said the first officer moved the woman to safety and dove into the car on top of Harguideguy to stop him from driving off with the kids. He continued to fight back while simultaneously trying to drive away.

As the officers and Harguideguy struggled, the woman and a passerby pulled the kids out of the car to safety. Eventually, MLPD officers were able to get Harguideguy out of the car and place him in custody.

Harguideguy was taken to the hospital, where he was cleared then booked into jail on the existing felony warrants for assault in the second degree, possession of a stolen firearm, unlawful possession of a firearm and second degree burglary / theft of a firearm. Moses Lake Police said he was booked into the Grant County Jail on the new charges of robbery in the first degree, attempted motor vehicle theft and resisting arrest.


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