Mosquitoes in Kennewick, Richland test positive for West Nile Virus

Mosquitoes in Kennewick, Richland test positive for West Nile Virus
image from RAL
Mosquitoes (Atlanta)

TRI-CITIES, Wash. — Mosquitoes in Kennewick and Richland have recently tested positive for West Nile Virus.

On Wednesday, Aug. 14, samples taken from Kennewick’s Rancho Reata neighborhood and an area near Jubilee Street in Richland tested positive for the virus, according to Benton County Mosquito Control.

Mosquito Control treated the Rancho Reata area with a truck-based fogger Wednesday night. The area near Jubilee Street will be treated later during an aerial operation on Thursday, Aug. 15.

West Nile virus is spread through the bite of an infected mosquito. While most people don’t have symptoms, about 20% of those who get infected experience symptoms that may include fever, head and body aches and possibly a rash. In rare cases, serious illness or death is possible, according to the Benton Franklin Health District.

The aerial operation is planned for about sunset. The following areas will be treated:

City of Mabton
Byron Ponds/Grandview Sewage Lagoons
A portion of Old Inland Empire Highway, west of Benton City
Southwest portion of Benton City
Harrington Road, Snively Road, and surroundings in (West Richland)
W. E. Johnson Park, Riverside Drive, and surroundings (Richland/West Richland)
Keene Road/Jubilee area (Richland)
Yakima River Deltas and surroundings (Richland)