Mountain biking basics

Mountain biking basics

For those looking to change up their workout routine, mountain biking can be a fun cross between hiking and cycling. Before you hit the trails take a look at these basic tips.

Wear the right gear: Before you begin your mountain biking trek, make sure you have the right gear. Make sure to wear a helmet, proper shoes and dress according to the weather. You might also want to wear gloves to keep your hands protected.

Pick a line: Before you start biking up the terrain make sure you pick a line to follow.

Know how to shift your gears, brakes: Before you head out make sure you are comfortable with your gears and how to shift them. This will help you maintain your speed and allow you to shift into easier and harder gears, according to Also make sure you are comfortable applying the brakes.

Stay balanced: To keep your bike from slipping and to maintain your balance, make sure you adjust your body weight so that your body is slightly leaning over the front of the bike while you remain seated. When you go downhill, keep your weight over your back wheel, according to