Moxee students can get books from a vending machine

MOXEE, Wash. — Students at East Valley Elementary School in Moxee are now getting a special treat when they’re awarded student-of-the-month: a brand-new book, straight out of a vending machine.

“This is something that we really wanted to have and just the excitement that it has sparked has been amazing,” principal Colleen Crowston said.

Every month, about 30 students across the school are recognized for embodying the month’s character trait, which was effort in September. Typically, those students would receive a certificate and a food coupon.

Now, students get a small golden Scholastic coin they can spend in their new book vending machine to buy a chapter book at their reading level, which they’re able to take home and keep.

“We’re able to have different level books for the different readers,” Crowston said. “It’s one way to get books into hands, but also to reward that behavior.”

Crowston said she wishes they could reward students more, but she’s loved seeing the excitement on their faces as they punch in the numbers and watch the machine dispense their new book.

The school was able to purchase the vending machine last month thanks to a grant from Legend’s Casino and so far, all the books have been donated.

Crowston said anyone wanting to support the program can come to their twice-yearly Scholastic Book Fair and purchase books to be donated to the school and placed into the students’ new vending machine.