Multiple restaurants partner with United Way for Dine Local Week

KENNEWICK, Wash — The 15th annual Dine Local Week kicks off Monday, giving locals the chance to support Tri-City restaurants while simultaneously giving back.

United Way of Benton and Franklin Counties partnered with 15 restaurants who agreed to donate a portion of the proceeds they make from March 1st through March 7th to the organization.

Some eateries like Ice Harbor Brewery are giving back $0.50 cents for every beer sold, while others like Monterosso’s Italian Restaurant are donating $1 for specific items sold off of their menu.

Nena Cosic, the co-owner of Culture Shock Bistro, said they will have a flat-rate discount available for all of the items the food truck offers.

MaryAnne Wuennecke, the communications manager for UWBFC, said the proceeds from the one-week event will go toward providing critical resources to the community and people in need.

“This is a great opportunity for us to support restaurants, them to support us, and for the community to support everyone,” Wuennecke said.

Wuennecke added that local support is especially important this year after many eateries experienced financial losses due to the pandemic.

“Even though these restaurants were hit really hard during COVID-19, they still want to give back to their community,” Wuennecke said.

Maren McGowan, the co-owner of Dovetail Joint, said she wanted to “be a part of the community” after loyal customers helped keep her restaurant afloat during the lockdown.

“We want to be good neighbors and help out other people when we can,” McGowan said. “People are going to eat out anyways so hopefully they pick one of these restaurants to do good with their dining dollars.”

Wuennecke agreed, adding that Dine Local Week is a “win-win” for everyone.

“If they eat out at one of these places, part of their meal cost is going to come back into the community and will help our friends and neighbors that might need it,” Wuennecke said.

Something that’s new this year however, is a raffle. United Way is selling 400 tickets for $20 a pop.

When you buy a ticket, you’re entered into a $750 gift-card drawing, or $50 to each of the participating restaurants.

Wuennecke said tickets will be sold until March 7th or until they run out. The winner will be contacted March 8th to pick up all of their gift-cards.

Tickets have to be bought in person at United Way’s office at 401 N. Young St. in Kennewick but they are also doing surprise pop-ups that are announced on Facebook.

For a complete list of participating restaurants, click here.