National Guard to establish COVID-19 testing site to help Kadlec through Omicron surge

Image Credit: Kadlec

RICHLAND, Wash. — A temporary COVID-19 testing site will be established and operated by the National Guard to help Kadlec with a harsh spike in testing and cases as Washington suffers Omicron outbreaks.

Governor Jay Inslee announced the decision during a press conference on Thursday afternoon. This COVID-19 testing site, which will take at least one week to become operational, should help ease the pressure on Kadlec Regional Medical Center staff, who are inundated with Omicron patients and testing.

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For the time being, Kadlec advises that people who may have contracted or been exposed to COVID-19 get tested at existing locations like the CBC West testing site in Pasco.

Kadlec Communications Director Emily Volland offered the following comments in a statement to the media:

Like most hospitals across the nation, Kadlec is experiencing challenges due to the current COVID-19 surge, and we appreciate the support being offered by Governor Inslee and his team, the Washington National Guard, and the brave men and women who have offered their time to serve their community in this time of great need.

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Currently, Kadlec is unable to keep up with routine testing as the public’s demand continues to skyrocket.

The Governor also called for a pause on non-urgent procedures at the state’s hospitals to accommodate coronavirus patients. Kadlec officials say they were already monitoring this and will make additional adjustments as necessary.

Please be advised that the Governor’s decree does not apply to people in emergency or life-threatening scenarios. If you need to go to the hospital—don’t hesitate.


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