National Safe Boating Week begins Saturday

Franklin County Sheriff's Office gave advice on how to stay safe while on the water

PASCO, Wash. — The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office gave reminders for boaters as National Safe Boating Week begins Saturday.

“The one thing that I want to suggest is to make sure you have plenty of water on board your boat,” said Deputy Safford, from the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputy Safford said that you dehydrate faster on the water due to the sun and the glare coming from the water.

A reminder to those who use kayaks and paddle boards. Deputy Safford said that these are considered “vessels,” in the state of Washington, and everyone on them needs to have a life jacket. If you’re on a motorized boat, there needs to be a life jacket for everyone on board.

He also noted that if you’re on either a kayak or paddle board, you have to have a sound producing device, like a whistle for example. And if you’re on a paddle board, you have to have a lanyard on and attached to you.

The event goes from Saturday until May 22.