National Small Business Week: The Chicken Shack

National Small Business Week: The Chicken Shack

At the Chicken Shack in West Richland, customers rave about the restaurant’s specialty item.

“Best chicken in the Tri-Cities,” said regular customer Walter Josephson. “They know me very well here,” he said laughing.”

“Well they’ve got this corny sign out front and I tried it, sort of on a lark, and I was amazed at how good their chicken fingers were,” he said.

Renee Fulfer has been working at the restaurant ever since the Chicken Shack opened in 2015.

“The people are very welcoming and we’re just kind of part of the community now,” said Fulfer. “We have a lot of regulars and it’s so nice we get to know them, they start bringing their families in, starts and grandkids…” she said.

The community may love the restaurant for it’s freshness.

“It’s never been frozen so it’s just night and day from anything you can get anywhere else,” said Fulfer.

The restaurant also has a wine bar.

“We are finding that people are really enjoying pairing their wine with our chicken and our sauces,” said Fulfer.

However for her, being a part of the Chicken Shack is about more than the food.

“We are, yes, a quick service restaurant but we completely believe in customer service, getting to know our customers and taking care of them,” said Fulfer.

As for Josephson, he plans on coming back whenever he can.

“I use small businesses, I patronize them whenever I can,” he said. “They create jobs locally, both for the people working in the businesses in the people who supply them.”

The wine bar is open during normal business hours, and they also have a live music event every Saturday from 7 p.m to 10 p.m.

Anyone is welcome.