Need to stay cool in the heat? Here’s what to do

KENNEWICK, Wash — With this week’s heatwave and summer temperatures rapidly approaching, many Tri-Citians are turning on their air conditioning and staying inside. But what happens when you can’t?

Officials with the Kennewick Parks and Recreation said if you aren’t able to limit your heat exposure to make sure you have plenty of water, energy drinks with electrolytes, and sunscreen.

“Usually it’s a lot less hot this early in the season,” said Drew Tomasino, a supervisor for the Parks and Recreation. “By the time pools open up we’re looking in the 70s and 80s but not in the triple digits like we’re expecting this week.”

Chariss Warner, the ministries director with the Tri-Cities Union Gospel Mission, said anyone is welcome to come to visit the cooling day rooms at the center in Pasco.

“If you can sit quietly and just relax, we’ll have our TV going. It’s okay to take a break especially during the heat,” Warner said.

Warner said the center offers sun essentials like sunscreen, chapstick, aloe vera gel, and more, but that donations are always welcomed.

“You think about what do you do when it gets really hot and what do you need in your home?” Warner said. “If you’re going to do it for your home, please consider the mission as just a bigger version of your home.”

But the most important takeaway for Warner is looking out for others during extreme temperatures.

“Check on your neighbor, especially your elderly or medically fragile ones, and make sure that their AC is working,” Warner said. “If it’s not working or they don’t have it, make sure that they have proper air circulation and access to water.”

Officials with the Franklin PUD (Public Utility District) also wrote a list of tips for what to wear and how to prepare for the weather here.