Neo-Nazi group posts flyers outside of Spokane church

Neo-Nazi group posts flyers outside of Spokane church

‘Medium,’ an online publishing platform, reports a neo-Nazi group has made its descent on Washington and is looking to recruit in Spokane with new flyers just posted across the city.

The flyers, which read “it’s ok to genocide subhumans,” among other things, were posted near Morning Star Missionary Baptist Church this week. Rev. Walter Kendricks told 4 News Now he first heard about the signs from a neighbor who saw them during a walk Monday night.

“The first thing that goes through my mind is the safety of my people,” Kendricks said. “The next thing that goes through my mind is ‘why?’ It’s 2019 and we’re still on this hate, hate, hate. Very disappointing.”

Kendricks said he knows the hatred exists, because this isn’t the first time his church has been targeted.

“It happens all the time,” Kendricks said. “We’ve gotten letters, we’ve gotten phone calls, we’ve gotten communications from various people that espouse a doctrine of hate and we just reject it.”

In his six years at Morning Star, Kendricks said he has kept that hate from his congregation.

“This is not the first time. I just don’t say anything,” he said. “I don’t want to intimidate the people.”

And normally, for that reason, Kendricks would keep these flyers and the messages on them to himself. But since the photos of them now live online, Kendricks said he could not shy away from speaking out.

“This is another level. This takes it to another level,” Kendricks said. “I ain’t no tough guy, but if this falls upon me, if it’s in my path — I’m not gonna run from it.”

Kendricks said the church has surveillance cameras, but they did not pick up who posted the flyers. He has reached out to the Spokane Police Department and Chief Craig Meidl personally to see what can be done.

“I really don’t know what is next, I can’t answer that,” he said. “I’m just going to continue doing what I’ve been doing. I’m not intimidated, I’m not afraid. And we just go on down the road.”