New attractions in honor of the 125th Central Washington State Fair

New attractions in honor of the 125th Central Washington State Fair

Today crews were working on last minute preparations for the 125th Central Washington State Fair.
In honor of its anniversary new things have been added to this year’s fair.

Rob Phillips is the director of this grand event and said that on Friday night there will be a big firework display at the Yakima County Stadium.

“It’ll be open for all fair goers, plus anybody around town should be able to see them,” said Phillips.
There will also be a museum at this year’s fair, where people can see the history of the fairgrounds. The museum will be located at the Modern Living building.

Patricia Myers has been coming to the fair for the past 23 years with her family and this year she is working on the museum.

“It is a working progress we’re just getting started this just got painted we’re still working on the front door but it will be opened during fair time,” said Myers.

Local high school students from around the valley who are part of Future Farmers of America are also getting ready for their annual state fair competition.

Aspen Prather is a student at West Valley High School and was working on the display with other people from her school. At this year’s competition they have 40 boxes of pears and apples.

“We are shining apples and pears and displaying the prettiest ones and competing in our displays,” said Aspen Prather.

Admission for tomorrow’s opening day will be $1 from noon to 4 p.m. along with free parking.

The Central Washington State Fair will end on October 1st.