New Fairchild Cinemas theater in Kennewick opens Thursday

New Fairchild Cinemas theater in Kennewick opens Thursday
Fairchild Cinemas Southgate

The new Fairchild Cinemas theater in Kennewick opens on Thursday.

Southgate 10 will feature 10 theaters, which is two less than the Queensgate location. However, the Kennewick theater will feature screens that are seven feet wider, comfier reclining chairs and more surround sound capabilities than any other location. There will also be beer and wine available for purchase, like the other locations currently have.

Construction of the theater started in Sep. 2018. It was designed to be 10 feet deeper, according to General Manager Mamie Gale.

“That translates into all the auditorium being 10 feet deeper, so the front row is father away from the screen,” Gale said. “Anyone who ends up sitting in the front row to watch their movie will be 7 feet farther back than they normally would.”

The opening date also falls on the premiere of Frozen 2, so the theater will be bringing in Else, Ana and Olaf for moviegoers to take pictures with throughout the date.

Also, if you happened to miss out on tickets for Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker at the Queensgate location, Southgate has a full stock of tickets available. They will go on sale on Dec. 3 at 1 p.m.

Tickets for all other movies are available to purchase online on the theater’s website. Southgate 10 is located off of S Quillan Street, directly across from Walmart.