New family-owned business in West Valley looking to make pets healthier, happier

WEST VALLEY, Wash. — A new family-owned and operated pet store in West Valley is looking to make people’s four-legged loved ones happier and healthier.

The Earthwise Pet location —6530 W. Nob Hill Boulevard, Suite 100 in Yakima — is owned by Thomas Manning and managed by his daughter, Kelsey; between them and Kelsey’s sister, the family has seven dogs.

“When we all get together, it’s like we have a dog park in our backyard,” Kelsey Manning said. “It’s pretty funny.”

The family says they were drawn to the Earthwise Pet franchise because of its commitment to pet nutrition; they say it’s the only franchise in the country that has a pet nutrition certification program.

“We want to help the people feel like they are giving the best care to their dogs and cats,” Kelsey Manning said.

The store offers free delivery, curbside pickup for online orders and both self-serve and professional grooming services.

“If you run out of food, give us a call,” Thomas Manning said. “If it’s early enough in the day, we’ll get it out to you on the same day.”

Thomas Manning said one service unique to the family’s business is their shuttle service; people can pay $10 each way to have their pets picked up at their home, taken to the store for grooming and dropped back home later.

The Earthwise Pet van has six kennels in the back, which comes equipped with its own air conditioning and heating system, separate from the one in the front.

“Whether it’s 5 degrees or 105 degrees outside, your animals are traveling safe and in comfort,” Thomas Manning said.

Thomas Manning said if someone buys food or other items online and wants to have them delivered back home along with their puppy or feline friend, the store will waive the fee on the way back.

The nutrition part of the business is near and dear to the family’s heart. Before they began the process of becoming certified in pet nutrition, one of their dogs was having skin issues and often had to wear a cone to protect her from scratching her face.

Thomas Manning said during the certification process, they realized the problem had to do with poor nutrition.

“Once we learned what was going on, we threw away everything we’d been feeding her and gave her what we learned to be quality nutrition,” Thomas Manning said.

Now, his 14-year-old dog hasn’t been to the vet for scratching issues in the past eight months. She also hasn’t needed to take medication or use her cone, he said.

“Her quality of life has quadrupled; she’s now running in the backyard with dogs much younger than her,” Thomas Manning said.

Thomas Manning said while he believes the business will succeed, what’s more important to him is standing by the principles his family believes in.

“The most important thing to me is that we’re doing it right,” Thomas Manning said. “We’re dealing with people’s animals that are like children to them.”

The business has already started getting involved with other community organizations, including offering free grooming to shelter animals and donating $1,000 to Wags To Riches, Thomas Manning said.

“It’s just an extension of who we are and what we want to bring to our community,” Thomas Manning said.

The Manning family will soon open another location in Wenatchee. That store’s opening has been delayed due to fire damage.

More information about the business can be found on its website, the Earthwise Pet Yakima page on Facebook, by calling 509-367-6123 or emailing

The store is open 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturday and 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. on Sunday.