New Hermiston Park undergoes repairs after teens damage structure


HERMISTON, Ore, — The playground that’s been burnt down, twice, and rebuilt in 2021 in Hermiston, has yet again been on the receiving end of ill-willed individuals.

The Funland Playground in Hermiston was rebuilt and improved after two suspicious fires in previous years. It reopened on the Fourth of July, 2021.

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Recently, the Hermiston Parks and Recreation posted to Facebook about concerns with the ‘Orbit Spinner.’

They said the play structure broke off of its base and has been removed from the playground, due to aggressive use by teenagers.

A picture posted by the Parks and Rec Department shows three individuals walking away, and it appears to be during the evening hours, when the park is closed.

Hermiston Parks and Rec said they’re in contact with the manufacturer to repair it and ask patrons to avoid the base as it is hazardous. Currently, there’s a cone to warn park visitors.

The City posted some reminders for visitors to abide by when they visit Funland Park:

  • Use the equipment for what it is intended for
  • Keep your food/coffee/drinks outside the play area
  • All animals must stay off the play surface
  • If you see something out of ordinary – say something
  • Playground is open dawn to dusk

If you have any information regarding the vandalism, please contact Hermiston Police.