New non-profit Service Peace Warriors trains service dogs for veterans

The non-profit Service Peace Warriors is just a year old. They just graduated their first two dogs, sending them home with local veterans.

Founder Mary Mattox said she created the organization because she knows first hand what veterans are going through.

“I’ve been there,” said Mattox.

Mattox struggles with complex PTSD and uses a service dog to calm herself and keep her balance.

“Skye actually carries medication on her for me because when I have an episode of PTSD I literally can go completely blind and deaf. My blood pressure go sky-high and so I can’t look through my purse for the medication,” said Mattox.

Her goal is to train six service dogs a year to help local veterans. She trains each dog specifically for each veteran.

“Veterans come here and they work with them or for approximately 2 to 3 months and then if everything goes correctly we send them home with their do,” said Mattox.

Abel, one of the current service dogs in training, is going to a veteran who had back surgery. Mattox is working with Abel to strengthen his balance. She practices putting her weight on him.

“He’ll be working with his veteran here in about a month,” said Mattox.

The non-profit is offering the dogs for free.

“What we’re seeing is service dogs cost anywhere between $14,000 – $30,000 just depending on what they’re getting. We wanted to provide that service for free to our veterans it’s just our way to give back,” said Service Peace Warriors Vice President Eric Mattox.

“We as a team helped these two veterans and maybe saved a life for their families because 22 veterans kill themselves a day here in the United States,” said Mary Mattox.